Established in 2002, Bluemoon Design is the earliest and the most extraordinary interior design company in China. Bluemoon Design is well positioned to offer expert services to the resort, institutional, commercial and residential marketplace with many well known real estates and oversea design companies, such as: Vanke Real Estate, China Merchants Property, Gemdale Corporation, Excellent Property, Pearl River Real Estate, AVIC Real Estate, China Overseas Property, the French OBER Architecture & Urban Design Company, Australia (Melbourne) Architecture Design Company, Thailand LEO International Design Office, and so on. 

Driven by Bonnie Lin and a multi-skilled collection of designers, Bluemoon strives to deliver great design to great projects. Bluemoon become internationally sought-after, receiving numerous awards and commendations from some of the most respected institutions worldwide. Focused on design democracy the company specifically works at not developing a signature style. Within broad parameters of contextually relevant contemporary design each project is encouraged to develop its own direction, set of criteria and parameters.

Capitalising on a unique understanding of an ever-evolving industry, Bluemoon now has an international footprint with a global purchasing network and a  worldwide talented designers alliance. With roots in China, Bluemoon continues to build on past experiences and aim to serve clients all over the world.