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  • Project Designer
    Project Designer

    Job Description:

    1、Experience in design of commercial projects.  Able to work independently on projects and to provide direction, technical guidance to design assistant to complete the schematic and development phase.

    2、Able to formulate design concept and communicate with customers effectively on ideals.

    3、Complete the style and proposition of the design based on clients’ requirements. Formulate standard for execution and audit of projects.

    4、Responsible for the communication and coordination of production, materials and accessories with related design team.

    5、Provide onsite assistant to resolve construction queries whenever required.

    6、Be familiar and understand market trends and competitor situation.

  • Construction Plan Assistant
    Assistant construction plan


    1、Diploma and above in Interior design or related discipline with a minimum 2 years of experience.

    2、Familiar with AutoCAD to produce construction documents. Able to produce Interior Design Plans, Elevations and appropriate design-intent direction.

    3、Experience in the drawing of mock up units and other commercial projects and have a good understanding of materials. Onsite supervision experience preferred.

    4、Ability to work efficiently under pressure. A team player with good communication and coordination skills. Able to work overtime if required.

    5、Strong desire to learn and to move up the corporate ladder with a passion for interior design.

    6、Applicants should bring along their construction drawings for interview. Applicants experience in property design preferred.

  • Senior Decoration Designer
    Senior Software Designer

    Job Description:

    1.Familiar with home décor design and be able to provide a complete space concept;

    2.Communicate effectively with client on their requirements. Developed design concept based on client’s needs, to communication with client on progress and to present the results based on agreed timeline.

    3.Lead a team of designers to provide creative concepts for client, allocate jobs and provide guidance to team members to complete décor projects.

    4. Selection of design theme, style, colours, products and materials to provide a complete concept proposal.

    5. Good understanding on home décor components (furniture, lightings, carpets, curtains, accessories, painting, sculpture etc.) to provide a precise budget.

    6. Be familiar and understand market trends and competitor situation.

  • Decoration Designer Assistant
    Soft tooling design assistant

    Job Description:

    1. Degree in Interior design or related discipline.

    2. Familiar with OFFICE, PHOTOSHOP. Corel Draw, and AutoCAD.

    3、Able to provide concept design, handle purchase, installation and onsite display. Good communication and coordination to problem solve with various parties.

    4、Familiar with different home décor style, good understanding of market trends and measurements of commonly use furniture.

    5、Familiar with administration documentations used for home décor

    6、Creative with good knowledge of colours and fashion elements to work independently.

    7、A team player.


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