布鲁盟荣获2017意大利A’Design Award银奖
Blu League won the 2017 Italy A\'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION

Bluemoon design has received The Silver Award from A’ Design Award & Competition in 2017 with YINMACHUAN by the Great Wall Residential House.

A'design Award -Silver A’Design Award银奖

A’ Design Award & Competition is an international award born out of the desire to underline the best designs and well-designed products. The motto of the A' Design Awards is "Ars Futura Cultura" i.e. Arts Cultivate the Future, Arts for the Culture of Future. The Award firmly believes that the future is shaped by arts, design and technology. YINMACHUAN by the Great Wall Residential House was selected from over 20,000 entries worldwide by a panel of 173 jury members.

YINMACHUAN by the Great Wall is an ecologic and artistic tourism resort. The designer 
Bang Bang creates a contemporary space by contrasting elements from old and new to show an evolution of the ancient oriental culture. The result is a space with a unique charm that depicts the confidence of the Chinese tradition lifestyle and aesthetics. The use of colours adds depth to this expression of culture values and traditional believes.  

This award is not only an affirmation to Bluemoon’s design direction, but also a display of our strength at the International stage.